A Chat with Samii Salisbury - Getting to Know Vintage Hair & Make up

November 9, 2016




Perfectly winged eyeliner, bold brows, pouty red lips and hair full of volume and defined wave...Vintage/retro hair & beauty has undoubtedly made a comeback in the last decade -  and doesn't it make sense? For all of us who adore the golden age screen sirens of Hollywood, who wouldn't want to have a go at re-creating Marilyn Monroe's bombshell look for a night out on the town?



At Maison Burlesque we LOVE to play with vintage style, however sometimes getting that perfect winged cat eye can drive you all kinds of crazy, right?! Fortunately we're lucky enough to have hair & beauty expert Samii Salisbury close at hand! Miss Samii is a former Senior Educator at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy with an incredible knowledge of all things retro glamour! We're lucky enough to have her for our Perfect Pinup: 1950's Hair & Make up Intensives - happening for the final time for 2016 THIS Sunday at Maison Burlesque for anyone who would love to go.


Below, Samii answers some of our most asked questions about all things vintage styling! Read on!


Why do you think retro make up and hair has made such a big come back in the last decade?


Trends from past decades always end up reviving themselves sooner or later; whether it be on the catwalk, in fashion, decor and in our personal lives. For some reason retro makeup and hair has not faded away! It's a look that can go from classic beauty to vintage vamp and anywhere in between! It suits ANYONE and once you nail it, it's super achievable. Plus, there is so much subculture that surrounds the retro style, so I think that element of playfulness and glamour really attracts people, plus you'll turn heads wherever you go!



What would the key differences be between 40's, 50's and 60's hair and make up?


The 1940s was very soft, romantic and minimal. Beauty products were rationed or unavailable because of the war so makeup had to get creative (for example, beetroot was used to stain the lips instead of lipstick. The 1950s is the decade that makeup manufacturers began to produce a range of varied colour options as well as nail polishes to match lipsticks. Different lengths of hair and hairstyles were seen. I think the 50s was the break out decade for variation in beauty for all women. 1960s makeup was heavily influenced by music and the UK mods. Stars like twiggy were looked up to. Makeup was less romantic and more defined with big big double stacked lashes and bold colours with heavy liner. Hair was bigger the better....there was nothing relaxed like the 40s here. The 60s also opened up other styles such as the hippie movement.


If you had only a short amount of time to get ready, what would your go to thing be to add some retro glamour into your look?


RED LIPS! Definitely a red lip! Without a doubt, it is instant retro glam! BUT because I'm a makeup artist I'm going to pick a couple if more things  .....sorry I can't help it! Black winged eye liner, a set of false lashes and a nice defined brow. BAM - instant pinup beauty!



"My hair just DOES NOT hold pinup hairstyles for long no matter what I do!" - Any advice for girls who can't seem to keep their "do"?


Ok! Where do I start! Setting sprays or curling sprays are a god send (my favourite is White Sand firm hold texture spray! If you are looking to do a beautiful Hollywood or finger wave this product is a must!) If you are looking at victory rolls... you need the big T. Tease Tease TEASE! Back comb your hair and then use a bristle brush for the outsides to smooth over. This will help keep all your hair in place to create that big beautiful victory roll....ahoy sailor! Wet sets are also a huge plus for difficult hair. And hairspray! Also, a little tip for when using a curling iron is to flat wrap the hair around the barrel, and smaller the wand the tighter your curl.



Who would be the top three vintage style inspirations your clients wish to draw from?

Pin Up Doll Ashlee Marie is a YouTuber who creates the most beautiful retro pinup step-by-step styles. Watch her back comb to perfection!
His Vintage Touch is one of my fave Instagram hairstylists....I can only dream! His work is impeccable!
And my 3rd would have to be Melbourne hair guru Jasper Jewel! This woman's brushes are full of unicorn dust I swear!


For anyone wanting to get some hands on experience and instruction from Samii, join her this Sunday at 2pm for her 3.5hr The Perfect Pinup: 1950's Hair & Make Up Intensive where you will learn all her tips and tricks for creating the perfect vintage eyes, brows, lips & glamorous hairstyle to complete your new hollywood bombshell look! Places are limited, and bookings can be made HERE.


About Samii Salisbury


A qualified hair and make up artist, Samii is a former Senior Educator at Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy. She has provided demonstrations at IMATS, had work published in The Age and Herald Sun, as well as worked on numerous vintage themed film sets and photoshoots. A lover of vintage glamour, she is our go to guru for learning the tricks of the trade!




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