Getting to know... Juniper Fox!

August 25, 2019



We thought it's high time you met one of Maison Burlesque's newest instructors - the lovely and oh-so-bendy JUNIPER FOX!


Juniper joined us at Maison Burlesque at the start of 2019 and teaches Low and Limber, Chair Dance and Ballet for Burlesque!


We sat down and got deep and get to know her a little better.


How did you first come in to the world of Burlesque? What was it that drew you to the art form?


I came from a world of jazz, ballet and musical theatre, I literally mean this was my life.. for as long as I can remember. There wasn’t much else in my world besides striving for that cruise liner, casino, Universal Studios or Moulin Rouge job. I found the world of burlesque really intriguing and quite mysterious. I had never been presented with an opportunity to enter in this world, that was until I met Poppy. Poppy attended the adult ballet classes I taught, she managed to lured me to Maison and gave me 30 days to create my first ever act to showcase at one of her Cherry Popper nights in 2016.


What draws me to the art form, is that aspect of taking control of your sexuality, the self love and unapologetic energy I have on stage. Burlesque is a celebratory art form, celebrating every inch of your body of any shape, of any size, and of any colour. It not about perfect lines, how tall or thin you are, or being a picture perfect showgirl I was CONSTANTLY. This is exactly what drew me in. That it wouldn’t matter that I ate 3 full meals in one day, didn’t kick as high at my face or didn’t have the classic long blonde hair, with an auditionee number pinned to my belly. I could literally be me, or anyone I want to be.


What is your favourite thing about being a burlesque performer?


The amount of freedom I have as a performer, whether it's costuming, choreography or concepts, everything is welcome from subtle to over the top and sparkly or dark, weird and totally wacky. I love it all. I can work and perform on my own accord! I don’t have to constantly complete with every girl around me, just to get a look in. I love being able to dance, but in a way that its in an art form, it is so freeing to strip tease for yourself when you are on stage.. not even for the audience.


What's the funniest/craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a performance?


HAHA - at Burlesque DeVine, my zipper got caught in my dress, bra or beading… only a third of the way into my act. I have Poppy on stage trying to help me but ALAS I had to rip my entire costume off all the way to down the pasties, oh and tech accidentally cut my music half way through. In all, very successful performance I would say.


Who are your burlesque icons?


My icons, of course, Josephine Baker and Bettie Page, absolute beauties. Also, my inspiration when I first started was simply scrolling youtube and coming across current performers such a Vicky Butterfly, Imogen Kelly and Raquel Reid. The deeper I get into the industry to bigger the community becomes and the more inspiring performers I am exposed too, everyone becomes an icon.


Where do you gain your inspiration from?


My inspiration comes from absolutely everything I do! From the yoga and forms of dance that I teach my students and interactions with other performers, to simply listening to music and thinking.. “hmmm, I could totally do an act to this.’ The performers I meet and see, to simply an energy or a character I would like to convey or express.


So much of inspiration when creating an act or choreographing a group piece is from my days of dance training, that we can be sexy, half naked but be completely in control, how inspiring is that!


What advice do you have for new and emerging performers?


Find you, really find who you are. Experience, play, fuck up! Don’t feel like you have to nail every move and do a perfect turn. Think about who you are, or your character is and energy you want to portray.


Don’t rush when creating your first act let it come, almost naturally. The process can be daunting or a little scary but is the most rewarding performing industry for yourself!


Take control, love yourself and take up space!




Want more? Why not enrol in one of Juniper Fox's classes on our website HERE

or drop in to reception Monday - Thursday 4:30pm - 8:30pm

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