Term 5 Themes

October 16, 2019



WOAH! TERM 5 STARTS NEXT WEEK! How times flies!


Are you one of those students who picks their classes dependent on theme? Well, here's a complete list of what we have to offer for Term 5 to help you choose!



5.15 Beginner Fan w Poppy - Theme: Danke Shoen SOLD OUT

6.15 Intermediate 20s w Maple - Theme: Metropolis

6.15 Burlesque Essentials 1 w Dolores - Theme: Grease - Pink Ladies SOLD OUT

7.15 Intermediate Fan Dance w Maple - Theme: Fatboy Slim SOLD OUT

7.15 Burlesque Vixens with Dolores - Theme: Comedy Cabaret

8.15 Fan Dance Technique with Maple - TECH CLASS

8.15 Burlesque Essentials 2 w Dolores - Theme: Dirty Dancing



5.15 Lyrical Flow w Whisky - Theme Seven Nation Army

5.15 Burly Flex w Velma - TECH CLASS

6.15 Strut & Tease w Whisky - TECH CLASS

6.15 Inter Showgirl Follies w Velma - Theme: 80s Showgirls SOLD OUT

7.15 Burlesque Fundamentals w Domino - Theme: Jail Break

7.15 Burly Flex w Velma - TECH CLASS - SOLD OUT

8.15 Rock, Sweat and Rears w Domino - Theme: 90s Pop Punk SOLD OUT

8.15 Open Showgirl Follies w Velma - Theme: Sex Bomb



5.15 Intermediate Fan Dance w Poppy - Theme: Music Box Dolls

5.15 Intro to Burlesque w Dolores - Theme: N/A

6.15 Intro to Fan Dance w Poppy - Theme: N/A

6.15 Dirty Jazz w Egson - Theme: A Jizz Jazz Hip Hop

7.15 Bump, Grind & Tease w Poppy - Theme: 60s Boudoir SOLD OUT

7.15 Boylesque w Egson - Theme: A Gentleman's Striptease

8.15 Open Level 20s w Maple - Theme: Countdown to 2020



5.15 Bump, Grind & Tease w Poppy - Theme: Medusa

6.15 Intro to Chair Dance w Juniper - TECH CLASS

6.15 Neo Burlesque w Iva - Theme: A Very Shitty Christmas

7.15 Ballet for Burlesque w Juniper - TECH CLASS

7.15 Strip Hop w Iva - Theme: Sesame St.

8.15 Chair Dance Choreography w Juniper - Theme: The Mad Hatter



(more info on enrolments page)

Beginner = Suitable for anyone new or students preferring a slower paced class

Open Level = Suitable for students of all experience levels, including beginners

Intermediate/Advanced = Class has prerequisite requirements (check class description on booking page for more information)



Showcase = All students enrolled in SHOWCASE classes have the option to perform their class routine at our end of term showcase


Tech = All our wonderful TECH classes focus on technical aspects of performance such as movement theory and/or developing strength & technique, and therefore do not involve learning a routine for our end of term showcase.


The final Cherry Popper's Showcase for 2019 will be on Sunday December 15th at Max Watts.



Book multiple 8 week courses in the same term to receive a discount :)

Book in for one 8 week course and receive a $10 discount for each additional course you book within the same term.

i.e. Book 2 courses and recive a total of $10 discount, book 3 courses and recieve a total of $20 discount, etc.


BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: http://www.maisonburlesque.com.au/class-enrolments




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